Counter jargon

The other day I commented on some survey findings about 'management speak' and 'jargon' and how readers of the BBC website had inundated one of their forums on the said subject.

The next day the BBC ran an article on what was said in the forum - some of which could be referred to as 'counter jargon', or employees coming up with phrases to mock or undermine management speak and jargon. See if you can guess what the following counter jargon means before visitng the actual article - Let's help to herd the dinosaurs (Claire Heald, BBC News: Magazine).

1) red sky thinking
2) horizoning
3) workspace-specific perceptual abstraction
4) non-specific interfacing
5) activity deficit substitution

There is also an interesting article in The Scotsman today on the matter of management speak and jargon - it lists 30 such sayings and their supposed 'true meaning' - Why can't we say what we mean? (Jim Gilchrist).

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