Do your efforts go unnoticed?

Some recent research findings published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) suggests that managers are highly motivated, but believe the impact they have on business performance goes unnoticed.

The findings indicate that around one in five managers are motivated by the prospect of recognition from their employer. Some are also driven by the status they hold amongst colleagues (11 per cent) and competing with others in the sector (9 per cent).

However, the same managers imply that their efforts go unseen, citing ‘old boys networks’ (23 per cent) and flat organisational structures (37 per cent) as key reasons for career stagnation. With nearly half of those aged under 40 (48 per cent) seeking ‘personal growth and development opportunities’, it is no surprise that one-third of organizations admit to losing staff because they offer limited career and promotion opportunities.

For more details see the following press release from the CMI - 'Lack of recognition’ stifles career progress.

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