New and improved - move to BetaBlogger complete

I've finally managed to move the contents of my blogroll over to the new version of blogger!

I had to do it one-by-one, but now it's done it will makes things easier in the future - for people looking for certain blogs and for me when editing or adding to what I've already got.

As you will see if you scroll down the screen I have categorised the blogs (22 I think) along similar themes. These may change or develop over time. There are some blogs that just didn't seem to warrant a category of their own. Sorry!

I wanted to state the country of origin for each blog, but this would have been too much hard work. I've highlighted the blogs based in the UK mainly because I had them tagged in the previous blog format.

I managed to weed a few blogs out that have been deleted, but not all of them. I'll finish this soon as editing has become much more easier to do. I've left blogs that have not been up-dated for a while (probably never will be, but you never know - it's happened before) as they still tell a story.

Please feel free to comment on the new format - thanks to Kieran and Steve who have already let me know what they think. And if you are feeling quite generous, please give me a mention on your blog (better still put me on your blogroll as something to do when you are really bored at work) and how it's now much easier to find a work-related blog than ever!

1 comment:

Steve said...

Thanks for the link James.

A lot of the blogs in my blogroll I originally found here, so I feel I've reached a milestone in my blogging now I've been added to the list.