New research findings on workplace bullying and harassment

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has just published some findings from a survey on workplace bullying and harassment.

In this sense, bullying and harassment is taken to mean the failure of organizations to act upon employees using psychological tactics and behaviour to undermine and intimidate colleagues. It doesn't look at bullying and harassment that comes from the nature of organizations or informal or covert organizational norms.

'Top forms' of bullying and harassment are said to take the following forms:

Power play: misuse of power or position was cited by 70 per cent. Respondents claimed they were also aware of overbearing supervision (63 per cent) and undermining by overloading and criticism (68 per cent)

Career closure: almost half (47 per cent) said they knew of incidents where opportunities for promotion or training were blocked. A similar proportion (43 per cent) also suggested they had seen threats made about job security

Word of mouth: 69 per cent said they heard verbal insults aimed at specific individuals and just over half (53 per cent) also identified spreading of malicious rumours as a key tactic used by bullies.

For more details see Bullies use psychological tactics to intimidate colleagues in the workplace (CMI). Further guidance on the management of bullying and harassment, and some further research findings on the same subject can be found here.

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