CIPD starts podcasting

The CIPD has recently started podcasting about a range of HRM-related subjects.

The subjects they have created podcasts about include managing change and leadership.

A further podcast is due in February that looks at talent management.

I listened to them on the way home and found them quite useful and insightful.

Aspiring HR/personnel professionals should certainly consider downloading them.

The podcasts can be downloaded here.

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Johanna Ratcliffe said...

Thanks for listening to our podcasts - we're learning as we go along really as it's a new venture for us, but we do always aim to publish a high quality, topical and informative piece, talking to HR and development experts and practitioners. We have an exciting programme lined up for 2007 and our Managing Change edition is now available on the CIPD site.

Johanna Ratcliffe
Website Manager, CIPD