Cyber-bullying at work

According to an article in The Guardian, nearly one-fifth of teachers are being bullied by mobile phone, email or over the Internet.

Cyber-bullying in the case of school teachers ranges from "upsetting emails" and unwelcome text messages, to silent phone calls and the malicious use of websites and Internet chat rooms.

Further findings include:

"The results also showed that 53% of respondents did not know whether their school had a code of conduct to address cyber-bullying, and 39% said their schools did not have such a policy. Of those schools which did have a code of conduct to address the issue, 19% said it was not properly enforced and 72% did not know if it was."

For more details see Cyber-bullying affecting 17% of teachers, poll finds by Alexandra Smith.

If you are a teachers facing similar problems the Teacher Support Network has provided some useful advice on cyber-bullying.

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