Employers respond to use of Internet at work

A development in the private use of the Internet was noted the other day in the Wall Street Journal.

In Employers are changing how they use web filters (Vauhini Vara) a focus of attention is a new generation of employee that has grown up with on-line social networking and the availability of downloadable videos and sound files.

The main emphasis of the article is reproduced as follows:

"Now, they see no reason to stop, even if they've graduated to the workplace.

But some of their companies' technology and human-resources officers do.

They argue that when employees access media like online video, it saps technology resources, which can slow down tasks like transferring files over the corporate network or accessing email or the Internet.

Company overseers worry about Internet safety and security.

Plus they don't like the idea of employees goofing around on the Internet."

The article is particularly interesting in the sense that it looks at how this expectation or "problem" is tackled by a range of employers.

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