Supermarket workers upload pranks to YouTube

A BBC news story from yesterday reports on how Somerfield has launched an inquiry after video clips of people performing stunts wearing the firm's uniform were posted on the Internet.

The article - Supermarket probes YouTube prank (BBC News: Business) - summarises a variety of short videos uploaded to YouTube by (seemingly) bored staff.

For example: "The antics include a man balancing on a beam in a store room, another riding on a floor cleaner and somebody racing round a car park on a pallet lifter."

Recently I've been thinking about how I'd like to do some research on workers who use the Internet for their own ends.

This is clearly a good example of how workers can use the Internet to share some fun on work time.

It could also be a way of undermining management.

The difference with the Internet is that fun or subversion can now be viewed and taken beyond a close network of friends and colleagues.

See the full range of videos here.

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