New research paper on work-related blogs

It's literally just off the press.

The title is: Unmediated workplace images from the Internet: An investigation of work blogging

A summary of the paper is:

The paper addresses the deficit in our understandings of the growing phenomenon of work blogging.

Work blogging is investigated in the context of developing Internet communication technologies, almost blanket use of the Internet by the youngest cohort of workers, and changing Internet application.

The approach involves content analysis of postings taken from a sample of 744 work-related blogs and qualitative questionnaire data from 204 work bloggers.

The findings support the many views taken of work blogging put forward by media reporters and the scatterings of blog-related research currently available.

The findings also explore self-reports of work bloggers, which conflict to an extent with how work-related blogs are viewed by other interested parties.

The paper dwells on the future of work with a call for wider research to investigate whether rapidly developing and easy to apply Internet communication technologies can augment human powers of organization and integration.

You can download it here.

My presentation slides can be found here.

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