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The other day a fellow blogger informed me of Europe's first 'workers' blog'.

It's a project started by the European Metalworkers' Federation and it's an international venture.

More about the blog...

It combines comments with articles and it is possible to upload pictures and files for the use of the blog visitors.

The blog contains news from the factory floor, and concerns the real problems faced by the workers and it talks about what is really going on at GM, without the usual filter of the GM PR department.

For me it's been a matter of time before unions considered blogs, rather then whether it would happen or not.

However, it remains to be seen if unions can take advantage of the recent advances in web-based communication technology, as the Internet is one domain where they are not handcuffed to the hilt by legal regulation and employer hostility.

Personally, I believe people who blog about the reality of working life should operate separate from unions, and where appropriate, unions should draw on such blogs to their advantage.

See GM Workers Blog: Fighting back makes a difference.

Whatever the case may turn out to be, I for one hope the venture takes off.

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