Extreme misbehaviour

I came across probably the most intriguing form of misbehaviour (beyond mischief of course, if you pick apart the larger intention) I've heard of for a while.

The article describes the court case of a worker who was employed by a company that manufactures luxury yachts.

The criminal case alleged James Light, an engineer, to have stolen hundreds of components from his employer - Sunseeker - in the hope of building his own dream boat.

As the article suggests:

"He accumulated parts worth £55,000, including electrical components, a 4ft radar mast, widescreen television, lifting straps and sternlights. They were carefully stored in more than 100 boxes at a lockup garage in Bournemouth."

It seems that despite very stringent security measures in place, Light even managed to make off with very bulky components.

Comparisons, in the article, are made with a song by Johnny Cash, who sang about a lowly car factory worker who stole components over many years hoping to make his own Cadillac.

See Worker was stealing £1m yacht one piece at a time (Simon de Bruxelles, The Times) for more details and may be some ideas ;->.

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