Web 2.0 and human resource management

Broadly speaking, I wouldn't equate the practice of HRM with the latest technological developments.

If you consume popular literature it is often apparent that the HR function is as much about justifying its existence in the 'lean' or 'value-added' organization that emerged in the early 1980s, than as a trail blazer.

However, Rob Lewis, writing for HR Zone, suggests a few HR practitioner pioneers have seen the value of Web 2.0 (the Internet has become more community-based and collaborative, allowing people to consume on their own terms) and are slowly putting such technology to work in their organizations.

For instance, City of Edinburgh Council has set up 'an HR self-service centre where employers can do a number of transactions on-line with the centre or with their managers'.

More mundane enquiries such as pay enquiries, expenses claims, annual and special leave authorisations, and a training course register, will soon be achievable by employees over the Internet.

I'm sceptical of the extent to which Web 2.0 technology used by corporations can be compared to use of the same technology by individuals carving out an existence or identity in Cyberspace, but evidence from the article seems to point towards a new era of HRM and evolving Internet application.

For more details see The final frontier? Web 2.0 and HR (may require registration).


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