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I've just come across a new website that has been set up to allow workers far and wide the chance to publish their views and opinions of their job and/or employer.

JobVent is said to be the:

"...web site for anyone who has ever said 'I hate my job', or 'I love my job'.

JobVent is the web site for people who are about to start a new job, and want to see what other people think of working there.

If you've got anything to say about your job, post it on this web site.

Try to keep vulgarities to a minimum.

DO NOT call people out by name. Speak your mind, but please, do it tactfully.

All postings on this site are anonymous, and will remain that way.

So start writing reviews (there's nothing to worry about)!"

The web-site looks like it gets a reasonable amount of traffic.

For me it's another interesting development in use of Web 2.0 communication technology as a means for workers to make sense of work-related experiences.

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Anonymous said...

This website is interesting indeed !

But how can we be sure if it is anonymous that it doesn't come from the HR department? I saw you can share on facebook but I didn't test it so let me know if you tried it.

Are there any other website like this one so that we have more reviews.