Bullying, blogging and higher education

I came across an article on the BBC News (Education) web-site the other day - 'Bullied' academics' blog attack, which reports on a group of academics, who say they are being bullied at work, and have in turn set up a blog to record their experiences of alleged unfair treatment within universities.

The blog is called Bullying of Academics in Higher Education.

The article contains interviews with one of the contributors to the blog, as the follow brief excerpt suggests:

A contributor who wants to remain anonymous says it gives a voice to academics who have been bullied.

"It's a critical issue - there are people in universities almost reaching the point of suicide over this. It really is that serious," she says.

As well as attacking bullies - both among academic staff and management - the website also talks of the phenomenon of "mobbing", in which lecturers gang up against a colleague.

A contributor defines this as the action of "a mob, a crowd of normal people who have temporarily lost their good sense".

I thinks this is a sign that many workers feel quite powerless to take action in the workplace and the Web represents and increasingly attractive outlet for such grievances.

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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said...

As we fight to remain sain - victims of bully bosses - as we fight not to loose control of our mind and our emotions, the isolation and pain we experience can't be described... the web gives us a voice against the injustice. We thus by-pass both bully managers and ineffective unions. Your conclusion is right - it is also indicative (the blog against academic bullying) of the scale of the problem that goes often without notice.