World report on workplace inequality

A report recently published by the International Labour Organization looks at workplace inequality.

A major theme of the report is: "the persistence of gender gaps in employment and pay and the need for integrated policies addressing sex discrimination in remuneration and occupational segregation by sex, while reconciling work and family responsibilities."

The report "describes major advances in the struggle against discrimination, including progress in ratification of related ILO Conventions, as well as improvements on the national legal and institutional fronts, and action plans and programmes to combat inequalities stemming from discrimination."

The findings "points to the need for better enforcement of legislation against discrimination, as well as non-regulatory initiatives by governments and enterprises, and equipping the social partners to be more effective in making equality a reality at the workplace."

For more general details see a press release from the ILO.

The report - Equality at work: Tackling the challenge (ILO) - can be found here.

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