Have you got the look?

Personnel Today recently ran a survey on 'lookism'.

Lookism, it appears, seems to be based on almost anything that does not include legitimate and illegitimate grounds for workplace discrimination - for instance, vocational and academic qualifications required of the job, and, things related to gender and disability, etc.

Instead, lookism is about people being treated less favourably by management or colleagues on the grounds of, for example, having ginger hair, being bald, having body odour, and having a speech impediment (see graphic - courtesy of Personnel Today).

The question that directed the survey was: To what extent do you agree or disagree that society believes it is acceptable to tease people about...?

For more details that includes a brief overview of lookism, and, an employment lawyer's and a business psychologist's perspective on lookism, see Personnel Today 'teasing' survey finds UK workplace is becoming increasingly 'lookist' by Karen Dempsey.

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