Management-issues starts podcasting

When I say Management-issues has started podcasting what I really mean is I've just got to hear about it!

So far there have been four podcasts produced.

The podcasts go under the heading of The Working Week.

The Working Week is said to be "a weekly digest of news, blogs, and opinion from the pages of

Each week, host Wayne Turmel leads a spirited discussion on matters important to business, management development and human resources and the things that have caught his - and his guests' - eyes."

Subjects covered so far include of leadership, developing employee potential, global executives, and employee engagement.

Time to invest in an MP3 player, if you haven't already.

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Wayne Turmel said...

Thank you for mentioning The Working Week. As someone who's been writing for Management Issues for a long time, I was honored to be associated with this podcast.

I have one minor quibble- you don't need an MP3 player to hear podcasts... my dirty little secret is that even though I host this one, as well as The Cranky Middle Manager podcast ( I don't listen on my player... I sit at my desk eating lunch and play them on my laptop while I multitask... subscribing makes it easier to listen when you want but podcasts (a terrible word but what are you going to do?) are simply audio that can be heard anywhere you have an internet connection and speakers.