"Office turf wars & dirty politics in decline"

The Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) have just revealed details of a report that is said to 'shatter the myth' that ‘to get ahead, you have to play dirty’.

The report, published with Warwick Business School, shows that only 31 per cent of the 1,495 respondents view politics as ‘protecting their turf’.

Fewer, still, believe that it is about ‘pursuing personal advantage’ (21 per cent).

More common is the belief that good political skills are about ‘alliance building’ (59 per cent), followed by ‘interaction with government’ (40 per cent) and ‘reconciling differences’ (39 per cent).

I'd be interested to know whether observational research back up these claims!

For more details see Report says office turf wars & dirty politics in decline (CMI).

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