Pursue the passion

I was kindly informed quite recently of a web-site called Pursue the Passion that is related to a rather interesting work-related project.

Details of the project are as such:

Pursue the Passion started as a group of three recent college grads who embarked on cross country roadtrips to interview passionate professionals about their career paths. We created this site because we felt that others could benefit from these interviews, and use them to determine a direction to take their careers.

It's our belief that everyone should be passionate about their profession. We have made it our mission to provide inspiration, guidance, and community support to help you find work you'll love.

Inside our site you will find all of the interviews we have conducted on our summer journeys, along with a blog that captures the lessons we've learned along the way.

We want this site to be a resourceful destination for aspiring individuals to learn about life, passion, and careers, and for you to share your experiences. We welcome you in being a part of its success.

I wish I had time to do something like this!

Sample some of the interviews here.

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