Do you blog about work?

If you regularly blog about what you do at work then this message from a television company could be of interest to you.

Please pass on the message to anyone who might find the proposition interesting.

Calling all bloggers!!

If you feel passionate about the industry you work in, passionate enough to give an insiders view of what it is really like working day in day out in your chosen profession, then we’d like to hear from you.

Award-winning television company
Twenty Twenty is developing an exciting new multi-media project for Channel 4 Education.

We want to hear from people working in a whole variety of industries, whether you’re a trainee hairdresser or high-flying City trader, we want to give you the platform to write a regular eye-opening blog that will entertain, inspire and inform British teenagers contemplating their first career steps.

Be assured your identity will remain confidential and anonymous meaning you can be candid about your experiences and thoughts.

If you’re interested or wish to know more please
email Kesh, or call him on 07766 087405.

All enquiries and communications are treated in the strictest confidence.

I'm off on holiday for a few weeks so no posting until early August.


Manuel said...

Interesting, very interesting [strokes chin like a Bond villain]

All Blog Spots said...

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