Facebook and talking shop

As quoted by Straight Goods: "A hefty chunk of Facebook's regulars are people who have formed networks to talk about their workplaces."

In Not Just Another Pretty Face(book): Organizing through social networking sites has its advantages — and pitfalls, Derek Blackadder looks at how Canadians are using social networking sites to discuss work-related matters.

It was interesting to note in the article that Facebook's public image, as a space for discussing romance, connecting with old school chums and staying in touch with distant family members, is challenged, and in many cases is a forum to talk about work.

As Derek Blackadder acutely notes: "Workers who share a common employer, occupation, union or issues like health and safety concerns, are interacting on Facebook, creating networks, sharing insights and technical tips, venting, co-coordinating actions, and just generally doing good and useful things."

The article also discusses some pitfalls and limitations to talking shop in such an open fashion.

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