Businesses and blogging

I try and keep the focus of this blog on subjects related to work and how workers are increasingly using Web 2.0 in a creative and purposeful fashion (well, most of the time!).

However, once in a while, I come across stuff on corporate blogs that grabs my attention.

In this instance it is a paper called Blogs and businesses: Opportunities and headaches by Wallace Wood, Robert Behling and Susan Haugen.

The abstract says more than I could say in such a short space:

"Web logs, commonly called blogs were originally developed and used by individuals.

This paper focuses on blogs from the point of view of businesses.

Current professional literature on blogging was examined to determine how blogs are being used, who uses them, and what are their advantages/disadvantages.

A survey of full time working students in southern New England was conducted to collect primary data on the corporate use of blogs to compare with the result of the literature search."

A good straightforward introduction to corporate blogs (in this case external and internal blogs), which has many similarities to work blogs.

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