MoD bans blogging

According to today's Guardian: "Sweeping new guidelines barring military personnel from speaking about their service publicly have been quietly introduced by the Ministry of Defence".

Further details to emerge in the article also suggest:

"Soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel will not be able to blog, take part in surveys, speak in public, post on bulletin boards, play in multi-player computer games or send text messages or photographs without the permission of a superior if the information they use concerns matters of defence.

They also cannot release video, still images or audio - material which has previously led to investigations into the abuse of Iraqis. Instead, the guidelines state that "all such communication must help to maintain and, where possible, enhance the reputation of defence"."

The decision appears to have caused a degree of discontent within the ranks of the armed forces - more details of which can be found in the article itself: MoD issues gag order on armed forces by Audrey Gillan.

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