Participants required to take part in work-life balance survey

If you want to help find out what is going in British workplaces then please find the time to fill in this questionnaire.

It's part of an ongoing project and I filled a questionnaire in some time ago - it won't take long and it's quite good to know someone out there is building up a picture of what it's like to balance home and work at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Some further details to go on if you are so far unconvinced:

This questionnaire is being conducted by the Work Life Balance Centre together with the University of Wolverhampton and Coventry University to discover what is happening in today's workplace.

Work life balance is the way you divide up your time between work, your family, your hobbies or other aspects of your private life.

If one part of your life dominates all of the others and you do not want it to be that way, your life is out of balance.

The survey is trying to uncover to what extent work is dominating many people's lives, and the effect this has.

The information collected in this survey is completely confidential.

The answers given will be used to draw up a general picture of what is happening at work today and what could be done about any problems revealed.

Your help in completing the survey is very much appreciated.

Please feel free to inform colleagues and friends about the survey or forward this site address to them.

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