Employment tribunals up again

The news that the number of cases brought to employment tribunals rose by 15 per cent in the year 2006 to 2006 appeared in the news last month, but due to a busy time at work, I never got to mention it on my blog.

The latest statistics for British Employment Tribunals is likely to interest many people from many disciplinary backgrounds.

My interests stems from studying conflict in the workplace and the fact that I teach stuff on industrial conflict to undergraduate students.

Therefore my take on Employment Tribunals is to suggest that declining employee interest in trade unions is not necessarily matched by a decline in employee grievances against employers.

Here are some statistics from the report (link above) that you may find interesting:

Many Employment Tribunal cases involved more than one jurisdiction (complaint).

Of the 238,546 jurisdictions lodged in total:

- 972 were age discrimination claims
- 44,013 were equal pay claims
- 44,491 claims were for unfair dismissal
-28,153 were for sex discrimination (a large number of these were in conjunction with equal pay claims)
- 3,780 were for race discrimination
- 5,533 were for disability discrimination

With the exception of race discrimination, all claims had an upward trend, with equal pay claims showing a 155 per cent increase on 2005-06.

Also see Tribunals Service findings show employment tribunals rose by 15% in 2006-07 (Mike Berrry, Personnel Today) for some further brief commentary on the statistics.


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