Physicians get connected Web 2.0 style

It's hard to keep up with even the most basic elements of developing web communication technology.

Meaning, some times it's hard to know what's new and what isn't, what people have heard and what they haven't, etc.

Anyway, what has increasingly gone on my blog in recent months, as a reader may know, is the rise of social network sites aimed at professional workers.

The latest of such sites became known to me in a Google News Alert this morning and in it reports of a new social networking site for physicians - called Sermo.

An overview of Sermo straight from the horse's mouth:

Welcome to Sermo, the fastest-growing community created by physicians, for physicians.

Here, physicians aggregate observations from their daily practice and then - rapidly and in large numbers - challenge or corroborate each others opinions, accelerating the emergence of trends and new insights on medications, devices and treatments.

You can then apply the collective knowledge to achieve better outcomes for your patients.

Exchange observations and knowledge - in real time.

Gain insights from colleagues as they happen instead of waiting to read about them through conventional sources; discuss your new clinical findings, report unusual events, and work together to dramatically impact patient care...

What I found particularly interesting is a diagram of how the physician community works (see diagram - you may have to visit the blog if you are reading this posting elsewhere).

What I want to know is when someone will come along and develop sites for ordinary workers, e.g. those who work in call centres, retail outlets, bars and restaurants, warehouses, etc.?

Trade unions wouldn't have much to lose by looking into this.

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