New statistics on Web use in Europe

The other day I came across some quite interesting and revealing statistics on Internet use across the Europe.

In brief, the statistics suggest that Internet use and application is evolving all the time and it is Web 2.0 technology fuelling the latest trends.

The following statistics appear to confirm my opinion:

· 169 million people now online across 10 European markets
· Internet use stretches ahead of TV amongst youth audience
· Uplift in online driven by rising use amongst silver surfers and digital women
· Internet users on average spending nearly 12 hours per week online and nearly a third (29 per cent) spending upwards of 16 hours online
. Internet users access the internet 5.5 days per week
· Social networking sites now visited by 42 per cent of internet users
· 8 out of 10 Europeans connect to the internet via a broadband connection

It seems clear that the Internet is the new television, expect that nobody just watches the Internet.

For more details (and there are far more than I cover here) see - Shifting traditions: Internet rivalling TV in media consumption stakes (EIAA).

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becks said...

This has been the trend for years - is anyone really surprised?