On the fiddle

Whilst browsing the tops of all the local and national newspapers this afternoon one story really took my eye.

The story comes courtesy of the Edinburgh Evening News and involves a 'mass brawl' of Scottish Gas call centre workers during a 'moral boosting exercise.

The brawl, it seems, is related to the dismissal of '50 staff after workers were accused of stealing £27,000 by exploiting a glitch in the company's reward scheme'.

Scottish Gas apparently held dozens of disciplinary hearings after it discovered staff had been repeatedly buying 'Winnie the Pooh bracelets' as part of the company's reward scheme.

It is believed that one member of staff made £9000 after 'buying' more than 800 of the bracelets.

You couldn't make this stuff up!

See Scottish Gas fires 50 over Winnie scam and City gas bash explodes into mass brawl (both by Alan McEwen) for up-dates on a story that is probably far from over.

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Becks9 said...

Unbelievable what is this world coming to.............