Employees would rather blog in private

I came across this article on blogging, social networking sites and corporations over a week ago, but the holidays got in the way.

The main thrust is that employees like to discuss work matters through blogs and social networking sites, but not so keen on doing this through the company Intranet.

It is based on a new study that suggests that the phenomenon of social networking and collaboration does not yet have a natural extension behind the enterprise firewall.

This is because:

- employees may be reluctant to expend the time and effort in keeping up a blog or community profile when they would be prevented from accessing the information if they leave the company.

- knowledge workers that understand the value of social networking may be loath to use corporate social technologies, particularly when Internet-based services provide the same benefits without the loss of what they perceive to be their personal intellectual property.

I can see where the employees are coming from!

The article in question is called The Pitfalls, and Potential, of Corporate Social Networks and is by Elizabeth Bennett of Baseline.


becks said...

I could completely understand this. In the event of leaving the company - I would still want to be able to access the same blogs, etc. that I have always been using. We are talking about a social thing and I would not want to loose it just because my work changes.

Jonty - Call Centre Helper said...

Many companies block employees from being able to access social networking sites as they can be very addictive and become a drain on productivity.

Muhammad Deen said...