HR professionals take a fresh look at Web 2.0

Well, so it is claimed in an article released by Personnel Today, yesterday.

According to the article Using Web 2.0 technologies: talking about my second generation, it's time for HR professionals to take a fresh look at Web 2.0, and how it can help them tap into new talent pools, encourage staff to collaborate, and build their employee brand.

HR professionals, apparently, can exploit Web 2.0 communication technology in the following ways:

- new recruits can informally keep it touch with the recruitment team through Facebook
- Second Life can be used as a forum for career fairs
- employees can access information about job functions, competencies and skills gaps through Second Life too
- blogs and wikis provide an invaluable medium for the HR department to publish information to employees and allow them to respond to it
- HR networks can expand significantly with the help of blogs

Read my last posting if you are feeling just that little bit cynical of the above.

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