Employers create database of errant workers

According to Jon Kelly of BBC News (Magazine), "workers accused of theft or damage could soon find themselves blacklisted on a register to be shared among employers."

Later this month, the National Staff Dismissal Register (NSDR) is expected to go live.

The NSDR is said to be an "initiative to reduce losses attributed to staff dishonesty."

More details from the BBC:

Organisers say that major companies including Harrods, Selfridges and Reed Managed Services have already signed up to the scheme.

By the end of May they will be able to check whether candidates for jobs have faced allegations of stealing, forgery, fraud, damaging company property or causing a loss to their employers and suppliers.

Workers sacked for these offences will be included on the register, regardless of whether police had enough evidence to convict them.

Also on the list will be employees who resigned before they could face disciplinary proceedings at work.

There is the usual note of opposition from the TUC in the article.

However, unless the service is eventually forced to stop operating or is discredited in some way, the only option for organized labour to take is to create a similar database of errant employers.

Something similar to the recent initiative called Wikicrimes would highlight bad employers.

At least there will be some balance if it has suddenly become okay to keep records on people without their knowledge, consent, or ability to challenge the inclusion.

See Bust-up with the boss? for more details of NSDR.


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