"Shit" degrees and government league tables

I came across a story via Wikileaks (and Times Online) that was a bit too close to home for me.

It involves university staff being caught telling students to be dishonest in order to boost their college’s rankings.

More details of the event includes:

Two lecturers were secretly recorded urging undergraduates to give Kingston University a glowing report in the National Student Survey (NSS), which measures how satisfied students are with their courses.

One lecturer told more than 100 students that their degrees would be “shit” unless Kingston, in south-west London, did well.

The other member of staff said the survey, run by the Government funding council, was no place for students to vent “garbage” about how they disliked their courses.

Learning when to keep your mouth shut is certainly a skill all employees should learn to develop - and that's for benefit of the employee and not the employer.

See Give us glowing report or get a shit degree lecturer tells students for more details.

The original MP3 file which the story is based is also available to hear first hand, here - YIKES!

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