What health workers want...

The Department of Health has just published some research on what motivates and engages employees of the British National Health Service.

Ten major themes were identified in the research:

1. I’ve got the knowledge, skills and equipment to do a good job
2. I feel trusted, listened to and valued at work
3. My manager (or supervisor) supports me when I need it
4. I’ve got a worthwhile job that makes a difference to patients
5. I understand my role and where it fits in
6. I help provide high quality patient care
7. I have the opportunity to develop my potential
8. I am able to improve the way we work in my team
9. Senior managers are involved with our work
10. I feel fairly treated with pay, benefits and staff facilities

For more details (summary, full report, etc.) see What Matters to Staff in the NHS: Research Study Conducted for Department of Health - June 2008.

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