Cyberslacking can benefit employers

According to an article from The Telegraph, "Checking your personal emails in the office and even researching your next holiday on company time can actually make employees happier and more productive at work".

The article itself - 'Cyberslacking' at work has benefits, claims study by Claudine Beaumont - is based on the findings (requires subscription) of two American academics.

Some more details:

Many people use the internet at work to help balance their personal and professional responsibilities, such as carrying out online banking tasks or researching large purchases.

With personal worries taken care of, the employee can concentrate on their job, without dreading the stack of tasks and issues they will have to deal with when they leave the office.

The ultimate conclusion is: "company policies restricting access to websites and email services could backfire, and actually undermine staff productivity by reducing job satisfaction."

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Typing work from the comfort of your home