The "credit crunch" and employment relations

I'd would say it's far too early to predict the many effects that the so-called "credit crunch" will have on the nature of how people are managed in the workplace - other than to make such obvious claims that there will be, broadly speaking, higher levels of redundancies over and above recruitment campaigns.

Yet, to be fair, the CIPD has tried to gauge the effects of the current economic problems on employment relations.

More details:

The report shows that organisations are being affected by increasingly turbulent employment relations, to a large extent linked to the credit crunch.

It gives the latest data on key employment relations issues:

- union recognition and relationships between management and the unions
- impact and influence of unions
- Strike action
- informing and consulting employees
- attitudes towards current and future employment relations.

If this is your thing then see Employment Relations: Survey report September 2008 for more details.


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