Does sexism pay?

I was struck by really interesting article published on the BBC News website the other day that "men who grow up thinking women should stay at home...could end up well ahead in the salary stakes."

The findings are based on recently published research article where the main conclusion is that 'traditional' men will consistently out-earn more 'modern-thinking' men.

So, how does this happen?

Well, two theories are put forward to explain this phenomenon...

1) More traditionally-minded men are interested in power, both in terms of access to resources - money in this case - and also in terms of a woman who is submissive.

2) Employers are more likely to promote men who are the sole earner in preference to those who do not - they recognise that they need more support for their families, because they are the breadwinner.


See Men with sexist views 'earn more' for more details.

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