Web 2.0, engaging workplaces and high-performing organisations

The CIPD has just produced a very interesting report on how web 2.0 communication technologies can make work more engaging and improve organisational performance.

The report is entitled: Innovation in the workplace: how are organisations responding to Generation Y employees and Web 2.0 technologies? and is by Julian Birkinshaw and Sarah Pass.

Click on this link to download it from the CIPD website (might require a password).

Some details:

Changes in technology, employee expectations and the working environment are placing new challenges on organisations.

This paper reports on a survey, carried out by London Business School in conjunction with the CIPD, which explored how these changes are affecting our basic assumptions about how we get work done and how we can create engaging workplaces and high-performing organisations.

It examines:

- The different types of innovation that organisations are focusing on, how important they are perceived to be and where they come from
- How organisations are responding to the distinct values and expectations of Generation Y employees
- The opportunities presented by the newer generation of interactive internet technologies – Web 2.0

A copy can also be downloaded here.


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