The first-ever 'electronic picket'

According to an article in today's Observer, "Asda is facing what has been described as the first-ever 'electronic picket' as fresh accusations emerge that the firm is hiring extra staff to counter what could be a damaging strike."

In brief, warehouse employees at Asda are being balloted for strike action on Wednesday and Asda are expected to make use of agency staff in the event of a strike - apparently, hiring labour to counter a strike has been outlawed under recent regulations. The GMB union, it seems, is promising to place surveillance cameras outside up to 20 major Asda warehouses to see whether Asda breaks the new rules.

The dispute at Asda has been going on for some time - see GMB union to 'electronically picket' Asda (Nick Mathiason) and a previous posting on Asda for more details.

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