Podcasts to give graduate applicants "deeper insight into life the company"

I can't believe it's nearly a year since it was announced that Cadbury-Schweppes would be using blogs as part of recruiting graduate workers.

In last week or so Cadbury-Schweppes have announced an extension of the blogging part of their recruitment strategy - downloadable MP3 files to "allow potential graduates an even deeper insight into life at the company."

The rationale for using blogs and podcasts is as follows:

Today top graduates have a higher expectation of being able to use the internet as a primary source of information and communication. Cadbury Schweppes has therefore created a pioneering, easy to use site that provides all the tools graduates need to get an insight into the company and the graduate recruitment process.

For more information see a press release from Cadbury-Schweppes and an article from Personnel Today - Podcasts help Cadbury's lure new graduate talent (Mike Berry).

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