White van man still causing road havoc

It seems that the white van man (n. unruly road hog at the wheel of a light delivery vehicle who freely heckles other drivers for incompetent driving, hesitation pulling away from traffic lights or daring to drive any vehicle not a white van) is alive and well on British roads.

According to statistics provided by the Department for Transport, more than one in four of road deaths in Britain last year involved an at-work driver.

What is disturbing to learn from the article that this information came from - Bosses warned over road crashes (BBC News: UK) - is that employers are under no obligation to report minor "at-work road incidents" to the Health and Safety Executive.

The good news is that Brake - a road safety charity - is lobbying the government for a change in health and safety law, i.e. make sure employers take responsibility for at-work driving seriously and, take life-savings steps to educate employees on safe driving and effectively managing their road risk.

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