Work blogging at the South by Southwest Interactive 2009?

Zoe Margolis at Girl With A One-track Mind has just announced that she intends to front a panel on work blogging at next year's SXSW Interactive festival.

A summary of the proposal is as follows:

From anonymously whistle-blowing on your money-grabbing, corrupt colleagues in the Stock Exchange, to taking your employers to court when they fire you for blogging, ‘outed’ British sex-blogger Girl with a one-track mind moderates a panel to find out: have bloggers now got the upper hand?

With an outstanding and unique panel of British speakers, Bloggers: You’re Fired! will explore whether it is possible to combine blogging, anonymity and work – and how you can whistle-blow without getting caught.

This inimitable panel is exceptionally positioned to talk about these issues: each speaker brings a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise to this topic.

All speakers run high-traffic, popular, award-winning blogs, and, in addition, all have published a best-selling book that is based on their blog.

For more details see here.


John said...

Heh heh, does that mean you get a trip to the festival in the name of research?

James said...

I wish...

Muhammad Deen said...

Typing work from the comfort of your home